Myllyn Paras and Volare start collaboration

Millions of kilograms of oat hull and leftover dough from the Myllyn Paras factories are currently turned into biogas or energy. In the future the nutrients are rescued and used as raw ingredients...
14 tammikuuta 2022

OATGOODS at the FIE exhibition in Frankfurt

Myllyn Paras took part in the Food ingredients Europe exhibition in Frankfurt from 30 November to 2 December 2021 and presented the OATGOODS innovation as part of the Food from Finland joint stand....
17 joulukuuta 2021

Myllyn Paras to join Lantmännen

The current owners of Myllyn Paras and Lantmännen have signed an agreement pursuant to which Myllyn Paras will be sold to Lantmännen. The sale will further support development of Myllyn Paras’...
23 syyskuuta 2021

Achievements from Myllyn Paras OATGOODS® product development co-operation with Topfoods Finland Oy

Our OATGOODS raw material, which is made from Finnish wholegrain oats and rapeseed oil is used in Topfoods Finland Oy’s breaded fish products.
08 syyskuuta 2021