Achievements from Myllyn Paras OATGOODS® product development co-operation with Topfoods Finland Oy

08.09.2021 - News

Our OATGOODS raw material, which is made from Finnish wholegrain oats and rapeseed oil is used in Topfoods Finland Oy’s breaded fish products.

The OATGOODS breading brings a good flavour, structure and richness to food, and doubles the dietary fibre compared to breading with wheat. The rapeseed oil contained in the product also brings vital omega-3 fatty acids to the diet. Juha Mäkelä, Purchasing Director at Topfoods, explains how the product fits in with their products and processes: ‘We find oats and oat-based products very interesting, and we are particularly looking into expanding oat breading into meat products. Oat breading brings significant value to the end product. The OATGOODS breading ensures the meat remains succulent and the end product has a pleasant, crunchy crust.

OATGOODS is used in two Topfoods’ frozen fish products. The products are pre-cooked, which means they are fast and easy to serve. The fish is MSC certified:

Oat-breaded Flounder Fillet 140–160 g, 5 kg


Oat-breaded Redfish Fillet 130–160 g, 5 kg


We have co-operated for a long time. ‘Thanks to Topfoods’ competence and agility, the collaboration is productive and the end products are delicious and of high quality. We look forward to the new meat products’, says Myllyn Paras OATGOODS Development Manager Kirsi Kaikkonen. Juha from Topfoods is also happy: ‘The product development together with Myllyn Paras has been competent, straightforward and flexible. There has been a commendable level of competence and willingness to co-operate. Launching new products and marketing existing oat products is considerably more efficient when working together like this.’


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