An expert in pure Finnish grain products since 1928

Myllyn Paras

Myllyn Paras is an innovative Finnish food company with a strong tradition stretching back to 1928. Our main operations – a mill and a frozen bakery goods factory – are located in Hyvinkää, Finland. Our mill is Finland’s oldest, processing some 75 000 tonnes of grain annually. In the frozen bakery goods factory, we have a particular focus on manufacturing high quality frozen doughs and baked goods such as Danish pastries.

Our products are made from locally grown Finnish grain and sold to consumers, Foodservice professionals, bakeries and industrial customers both locally and to several countries in Europe and Asia. As a company we have a high focus on quality, food safety and sustainability. Our mill and frozen bakery goods factory are both ISO 22000+ FSSC certified and run on green electricity.

New plant-based innovation

MYLLYN PARAS OATGOODS® combines the best qualities of oats and rapeseedoil in a healthy, innovative and tasteful way. Our oats and rapeseed are sourced from pure Finnish fields and are among the best in Europe.

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