OATGOODS – new generation oat-based ingredient

Plant-based innovation

OATGOODS combines the best qualities of oats and rapeseedoil in a healthy, innovative and tasteful way!

MYLLYN PARAS OATGOODS® is sourced from pure Finnish fields; our oats and rapeseed are among the best in Europe. Our long summer nights and clean nature guarantee the high quality of Finnish ingredients.

We have over 10 patents pending for this innovation.

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OATGOODS is made from wholegrain oats, rapeseed oil and rice protein. 

Wholegrain oats include fiber and betaglucan which takes care of cholesterol values and thanks to rapeseed oil OATGOODS has also Omega-fatty acids which are protected from oxidation.

In addition to health and nutritional benefits brought by whole grain oats and omega  - when added to food products OATGOODS improves their sensory properties in several ways:

  • No layer separations      
  • No E-codes
  • Smooth mouthfeeling
  • Rich taste – no watery
Oatgoods combines the benefits of oats and rapeseedoil in healthy and tasty way!
Oatgoods ingredient mixture
Oatgoods ingredient products characteristics:
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Food Industry applications

OATGOODS ingredient

For the food industry Myllyn Paras offers a range of OATGOODS ingredients.

OATGOODS is suitable for multiple food product applications, such as non-dairy, meat, bakery and various ready-to-makefood products.

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Oatgoods solutions

OATGOODS is a good base for variety of product groups from drinkable, spoonable and spreadable products. OATGOODS is suitable for example to drinks, puddings or yogurths and spreads.

Variate with concentrations, process conditions and flavors like berries, fruit and cacao.

Oatgoods spreads


The new ”Myllyn Paras OATGOODS Breading” brings the flavor of lightly toasted oats to breading, and improves breading properties.

The breading is available from fine to coarse structure.

Oatgoods Breading dishes

OATGOODS Breading is ideal for breading a wide range of foods. It is suitable for the breading of beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. It adds a mild toasted flavor and has twice the dietary fiber of wheat-based bread crumb. Breading is also vegetarian and GMO-free.


A Finnish company called Topfoods - operating in Food Service business - is using our OATGOODS breading in their frozen fish fillets:Oat breaded fish fillet

Oatgoods breading from coarse to fine