The company was established in 1928 in Finland by local farmers in the Hyvinkää region, about 80 km north of Helsinki. The farmers established a modern oat mill in order to process their own crop. The name of the company was originally “Tuottajain Mylly”, which means “the Mill of the Producers.” The first oat flake product was called “Oma Jyvä” (Our Own Grain), which was advertised with a slogan “By eating it, one gets endless dexterity and elastic youth.”


The company expanded the milling process to include barley and rye grains.


The company started to mill wheat for retailers. From the board meeting notes written at the time can be found a statement: “Wheat flour is good because it’s accepted even by the bakers in Helsinki.”

1939-1945 (The War Years)

During the Second World War, Finland fought three wars (the Winter War, the Continuation War and the Lapland War). During this time, the company was able to keep the mill running, except during power outages, which were caused by air strikes. As a precaution for bombings, a bomb shelter was built under the mill, where all personnel could be moved in case of an emergency.


A new wheat mill is taken into use, which had first in Finland a pneumatic transportation system for milling products.


A change of ownership structure in the company happened during the early 1970’s. Most of the farmers sold their stake in the company and since those times, the company has operated as a family business.


The company expands into baking business by purchasing “Marian Konditioria” from a Finnish dairy company Valio.


The company begins producing pasta and exporting it to the Soviet Union.


The company introduces a macaroni product in the Finnish market with a brand “Myllyn Paras.”


Production of laminated puff pastry with automated laminating machines started. The company was the first in Finland to do so. Being the first entrant on the market with creative marketing resulted in a resounding success. To this day, Myllyn Paras controls 80% of premade puff pastry dough in Finland.


The export operations to Russia and Baltic countries were re-established.


A new pasta production line was taken into use. It tripled the production capacity of the factory.


The company restructured its operations. The baking business was sold and focus was put on milling, pasta production and frozen bakery.


The company changes its name from “Tuottajain Mylly” to “Myllyn Paras”.


The frozen bakery expands and doubles its production area.


The company wins an energy efficiency award in the Hyvinkää region.


Myllyn Paras expands to China with a selection of oatmeal products.