About Finland and Finnish nature

Finnish nature

Finland is a North-European country that is known for clean nature, pristine lakes and honest people. Despite having almost as much land area as Germany, Finland has only 5,5 million people. This means that most of the Finnish nature is covered with forests and lakes and is not exposed to pollution or toxic chemicals.

Finland has one of the lowest levels of corruption in the world and in 2016, Finland was named to have the freest press in the world. Finns are also known to be law-abiding and authentic people. Finnish trustworthiness is famous among its neighbors.

Finland is a home place to such global companies as Nokia, Kone, Rovio, SuperCell and Reima. Finnish high tech has provided the world with such innovations as SMS and a smartphone. The roots of the Finnish innovation lies in the Finnish education system, which has been ranked as the best in the world.

Winter in Finland is legendary. Part of Finland does not see sun for many months and temperature can drop to -30 degrees of Celsius. Being ingenious people, Finns have embraced these radical conditions by building saunas to almost every building. Cold winter is also a natural way to combat the pest problem. During the winter months, the soil freezes and kills many harmful pest, bugs and crop disease. Due to this reason, minimal use of pesticide is needed to grow crops.

Finnish nature
Finland has a lot islands. In fact, Finnish archipelago is the largest in the world with over 20,000 islands. On these islands, Finns fish from one of the largest brackish inland seas in the world, the Baltic Sea.